Let me introduce you to Anton. He was a stowaway, living inside a stamp set from the 50's. I'd like to say he now has a better life with us, but Claudia busted his walking stick his first night here. I'm just going to have to help him get around, I guess.
I'm just coming off of the buzz of having 8 people under our roof for a week. I have lots of stories to share, including how I received a multi pack of scouring sponges as a hostess gift (it came with a live in dishwasher) and how much I miss waking up to my little niece's smiles every morning. But for now, just a quick photo filled with colours that make me feel calm and restful. What can I say? I'm a sucker for greige.
Feathers are dirty and should never be picked up. But if your child can't resist, you can go ahead and take a picture of it.
Schnüllerbaum is a tree at the neighbourhood park that holds onto childhood as much as an old photo does. When we decided that the girls were done with their soothers, we did what most parents do and went out to buy ear plugs, drank wine and played music loudly every night until they stopped crying. In Münster, however, parents meet on the first Wednesday of the month to ascend a cherry picker and hang their child's soother from this tree. And then, ever after, their children can come and mourn their soothers like a loved one who visits a grave.
Have a good weekend everyone!
It's been a busy, wonderful week of hosting the young and the restless.  Friends from Canada are backpacking across Europe and we were more than happy to host them on their way from Amsterdam to Berlin.  I don't have many pictures to post from their visit, except for this one.  I think it sums up what living life as a 20 year old is all about. Or at least what living life with a 20 year old is all about.  
I had to look up Jagerbomb in Wikipedia 
to make sure I wasn't going to die.  
For Cathryn.
I was introduced the the website Little Brown Pen before leaving for Paris.  The author of the site has published a book on the colours of Paris, using inspiring photos she's taken around the city.  I was struck by this beautiful blue door and can empathize with the need to photograph every little detail the city offers you at each turn.  It's like a treasure chest.
I have an immense dislike, teetering on repulsion, of old school muppets.  Their flat mouths and droopy eyes, have me shoving my face into a pillow whenever one appears.  So when Eloise came in the room saying "Mommy, I have new eyes!" I was really hoping that she was wearing my glasses or some experimental make up job.  Instead, to my horror, I got this.
Claudia cried as her sticker book went up in flames.  That'll teach 'em.  
Make Lemonade.
25 cents a cup and the girl pulled in 12 dollars in 20 minutes.  Cars pulled over just to give her money.  I need someone to give her a life lesson to explain that this is not how it normally works, kid.  Meanwhile, inside . . .
I love them.
I don't think I have a leg to stand on when complaining about the winter we've just been through. Not a flake of snow dropped from the sky.  But I missed the sun. Today, spring came. It was warm, cafe tables came out on to the sidewalks, and these little flowers suddenly appeared from under the fallen leaves. Everyone wanted their moment in the sun.  
I love the nights where I can sleep soundly, knowing that I've been both a good wife and a good mother.  Like when I let Aaron nap after dinner, and orchestrated craft time with the girls.  Total win, win, win.