Do stress hives really exist?  I'm afraid of Google, so I'm not looking it up. No way, no how.  I can't sleep and I'm covered in them, so let's assume that they do, and let's assume that they suck.  I have calamine lotion on my back, the first time since Kindergarten when I had 262 chicken pox.  I know this because my Mom scrounged up my journal from Kindergarten and I was apparently very proud of this fact.  262! 

Minor blip.  So many great things have been happening in our life for the past few weeks, as we prepare for our move to Germany.  Aaron finished his thesis, and I am now a PhD by association.  Frau Doctor Aaron Tikuisis.  Who cares that my name doesn't actually appear anywhere in there, I know I'm the Frau so all is good.  And because we're moving, I have never felt so popular in my life.  So much so that I feel like I can finally forgive high school for ever happening. 

I have had the chance to spend some real quality time with my nearest and dearest, and honestly have had the best time of my life compressed into such a few short weeks.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us through the summer and showed us what we'll be missing without you.  It's bittersweet, with tears being shed between the laughter.  
But back to the hives.  Do you know how hard it is to say goodbye?  Do you know how incredibly difficult it is to watch your Grandmother hold her head in her hands while she cries, knowing that you have to drive away?  This is my confession, I am so scared that once I say good bye to her, that will be it.  So instead I avoid her, thinking that no matter what, I cannot say those words to her.  I think the day before we leave I will take her for a drive, down Highway 8 , stopping on the side of the road for peaches and corn, all the time remembering as much as I can.  And then I will bring her home, kiss her and tell her I love her, because I know that much is true.  Then it's my turn to cry.

Auf Wiedersehen, until we meet again.

p.s.  I like to think there is a soundtrack to our lives, and tonight this is it.