Its the end of summer so i went bak to school.At school we do harder work than p1 but i can do

This is Tara now. I'm having a proud Mum moment - correct use of "than"? You go Claudia! 
(We're ignoring "its".)
This was the quickest summer I remember. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that it didn't really start until we set foot on Canadian soil.  Cramming 3 months worth of summer activities into 3 weeks time has been impressive. 

Harvest picnics, lemonade stands, sandy toes, it's all been completed with aplomb. The end of summer was celebrated with a beautiful lakeside wedding.  Heaving with Canadiana, love and family, it was the perfect way to wear white before we banished the colour for Labour Day. 
Food from the garden. 
Lemonade (or Lemidad) for sale, on sale. 
Pretty girls and pretty dresses.
And cousins everywhere!