Its the end of summer so i went bak to school.At school we do harder work than p1 but i can do

This is Tara now. I'm having a proud Mum moment - correct use of "than"? You go Claudia! 
(We're ignoring "its".)
Grandma Theresa
14/9/2013 11:37:15 pm

A new entry!! I've missed your entries, Claudia! Of course you can do P1 no problem. You're the smartest cookie I've met in a long time! Miss you bunches, wish you were still here!! xoxo

Grandma Donna
16/9/2013 02:50:38 am

I'm glad you feel that you can do the work Claudia but then I am not surprised. You have become such a wonderful reader and writer.
Can Eloise do the P1 work?
I am still waiting for a letter from you and a picture from Eloise.
Love ya

11/1/2014 07:16:30 am

Hey you
Ya you
You still there
I guess you've given up blogging. Since I'm not on Facebook it's the only way I had to follow your exploits and I enjoyed your style of writing. I guess I'll keep relying on Donna to get any updates.
Keep well.

12/1/2014 05:18:44 am

Oh Kim, I miss blogging ever so much! Our computer has been broken for a while, so I have to use the teensy tiny tablet for everything I type. That , and our very slow internet speed means uploading entries takes a lifetime. Can I send you some pictures with witty remarks though?Miss you!


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