I'm just coming off of the buzz of having 8 people under our roof for a week. I have lots of stories to share, including how I received a multi pack of scouring sponges as a hostess gift (it came with a live in dishwasher) and how much I miss waking up to my little niece's smiles every morning. But for now, just a quick photo filled with colours that make me feel calm and restful. What can I say? I'm a sucker for greige.
Feathers are dirty and should never be picked up. But if your child can't resist, you can go ahead and take a picture of it.
11/6/2012 08:38:31 pm

Ellie is our new scientist. You can tell by her sense of discovery and curiosity.

11/6/2012 08:48:04 pm

She nearly lost her head as the leaf she was trying to capture blew away. My pockets are permanently crunchy and full.

12/6/2012 06:21:45 am

another great photo Tara!


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