Schnüllerbaum is a tree at the neighbourhood park that holds onto childhood as much as an old photo does. When we decided that the girls were done with their soothers, we did what most parents do and went out to buy ear plugs, drank wine and played music loudly every night until they stopped crying. In Münster, however, parents meet on the first Wednesday of the month to ascend a cherry picker and hang their child's soother from this tree. And then, ever after, their children can come and mourn their soothers like a loved one who visits a grave.
5/6/2012 02:52:20 am

Munster is starting to sound a lot like Sesame Street.

5/6/2012 06:09:13 am

I can tell you that the song in my head sounds a lot like Sesame Street now!

5/6/2012 10:04:03 am

What a lovely idea!

7/6/2012 02:53:41 am

weird and cool all at the same time .... something only to do in Germany tho not a great thought for Canada just saying


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