I don't think I have a leg to stand on when complaining about the winter we've just been through. Not a flake of snow dropped from the sky.  But I missed the sun. Today, spring came. It was warm, cafe tables came out on to the sidewalks, and these little flowers suddenly appeared from under the fallen leaves. Everyone wanted their moment in the sun.  
2/3/2012 10:03:11 pm

It was really nice yesterday here aswell. It was nice to say, it was a high of nine and I will try and forget there was any wind.. You's have seen a different and equally as hard winter if not harder. Bitter cold and no snow is a parents worst nightmare. I could only guess how much you's would have missed the WARM cheek kissing sun. Spring brings better moods, pretty flowers and so on, and from sum enteries ago if I read right maybe even a visit from Katie :) So hopfully spring turns over a good leaf for you's :) . Love the picture btw it can remind me of whats ahead. Since today it's windy as all hell and bitter cold with snow out went spring.. much love.


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