This past weekend we went to the smallest suburb of Albersloh, to visit a friend and to take our bikes on the trail. I met Ashlee through German lessons a while back. She's a newlywed, and thinking about babies. This was her reaction to the girls:
It was true love, I think. 
We packed a picnic and rode off. We had to stop early though, as there is a massive military base nearby with warning signs aplenty. You can keep riding, but some kind of frequency puts anyone with a pacemaker or heart condition at risk of imploding if they cross an invisible line. So we turned around and fed some ducks. There is no way my anxious mind was going to cross that line.
2/8/2012 10:53:22 pm

Ellie's wearing her helmet?! woohoo!

3/8/2012 02:41:14 am

Now if only her Mommy would! Can Poppy's have Weezie's shirt? Then I'll pass it on to Charlotte. Thanks!

3/8/2012 04:16:20 am

And ruin my perfectly coifed hair? Never!
Of course she can have the top!
Chris - I went to H & M to find the vest and they were all out. I'll give it to Poppy, and one day, in the not so distant future, it will be Charlotte's.

3/8/2012 09:42:45 am

Your hair will look wonderful when you're a vegetable. Safety first, Plumley.

4/8/2012 02:48:06 am

Remember the accident that Heidi had. She wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for her helmet.

4/8/2012 11:44:42 am

You should have crossed the line just to see what would happen.

9/8/2012 09:50:13 am

lol Sarah your funny. I think that would have did her in worse then not wearing a helmet ... just saying. That's awesome you ladies got to head would with another woman for the day. Looks like she will be great with kids ! :) Take care xo


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