Zoo!  (Zoo, zoo.)  I've decided to write a post in honour of Raffi, musical genius and all around good guy.  He sings this song called "We're going to the Zoo" and if you have children, you've no doubt heard it at least once.  Or in our case, a thousand times in rapid succession, the morning we told the girls that we were, indeed, going to the Zoo.  
The Zoo here was pretty excellent.  It was very shady (because of trees, not mooks) and there were 7 playgrounds where the parents could rest - and have booze! - while the kids did their thing.  I am notorious for hating parks, but this - lack of responsibility combined with drinking - is something I could definitely get behind.
It was a much quieter Zoo than our tried and true Toronto Zoo, which was nice for rambling and spending actual time with the animals.  BECAUSE, unless the animal had the potential to rip your face to shreds, you could actually spend time with them.  Like the Meerkats and the Cheetahs.  Eloise had to be physically held back from taking the baby cheetah who was hiding in the corner, away from its Mom.  In Eloise's defence, she comes from Crazy Cat Lady stock (not me, it skips a generation) and this one was pretty freaking cute.

Ha!  Tricked you!  You stuck around to hear about my Ode to Raffi, and all you got was a lousy slideshow of my kids at the Zoo.  I'm sneaky like that.  
crazy cat lady
13/10/2011 10:18:49 pm

If I was her mother I would have climbed over and gotten her the cheetah ...

13/10/2011 10:35:48 pm

Ha Ha ... i love this post ! Miss you

14/10/2011 05:01:04 am

You took the kids to the zoo by yourself? Is this all a lie and you just went there for a two year holiday? Does your husband actually have a job? I can't believe you can drink at the zoo, how wonderful. I figured you must have been drunk to handle the girls on the tightrope thingamajig. You see, I'm confused about Aaron's presence because you wouldn't take the kids alone but if Aaron were with you he wouldn't let you spend money on booze at the zoo. I'm so confused right now. Birds are bad, I won't be going near them. Great pics. Those are all my thoughts on this post. Goodbye.

14/10/2011 05:02:10 am

My comment is being held for moderation awaiting approval. Between Aaron on Skype and this I'm not impressed. What the?

16/10/2011 12:01:53 am

Seeing you at the zoo makes me remember our visits to our zoo and how much I miss you all. Glad you are getting out to explore Munster.

17/10/2011 07:42:01 am

That zoo sounds awesome! And now I have that zoo song in my head.
ps. I want to see the birds & try the rope walk when I visit!

18/10/2011 07:10:39 am

cool zoo! love the pictures, love the blog Tara - miss you all SO much.

18/10/2011 07:32:16 am

The zoo sounds like it was Beautiful. Seem's like it is way more Family friendly with all the stop and rest area's. Kids are suppost to play and enjoy themselfs in the great outdoors and parks with out parents having to be hand in hand with them for every minute. The drink in hand sounds to me like a great way to spend the day with your kids but still be an adult. See Germans have the right idea. I for one would love to enjoy the day at the zoo with a drink, what normal down to earth adult wouldn't. CHEERS to You and Aaron. I love that you take writing in your blog light hearted and fun. It has humor in all the right spots. The here and there bitch fest is also always needed and loved because most of us true woman all have those momments :) I'am surprised you have said bad words. It made me giggle..lol..because you never really swear. Then I thought of your age and said it's so right for what your writing. Stay true, be you because I love every sentence of it. Oh and once again the pictures are GREAT..lol sorry slide show !


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