I have stuff I could write about, but my inclination to do so is nil. I am so one with the weather. The sun was shining the day we moved to Scotland and then stopped. Today's weather is as follows:

  • Today:  Cloudy with frequent snow showers, though sleety at first on low ground. Over inland Aberdeenshire some prolonged snowfalls with drifting on high ground. Moray seeing the best of the drier spells. Strong biting easterly winds, gales hills and coasts.
  • Note: We are NOT Moray.
  • Tonight:  Further snow, heaviest over inland Aberdeenshire, heavy falls with blizzard conditions in places. Accumulations and drifting even on lowest ground. Strong east to northeasterly winds, gales in exposed areas.
  • Note: We ARE inland Aberdeenshire.

"Biting" winds? Ugh.
18/3/2013 04:45:21 am

As I type this I'm watching bags of recycling being blown down the street. We have an ice/snow/rain storm about to blow in. The wind chill makes it feel like January. We can relate!

20/3/2013 05:52:58 am

Sounds like our weather. Don't you feel at home.


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