It's one thing to live in the country and earn your lunch. Up at dawn, lifting, bending, aching. Manual labour, I think they call it. It's quite another to send the kids off to school and bake another batch of scones, while you look around at the snow on the ground and wonder what to do with yourself when the kitchen timer goes off.  Besides, of course, eating the scone, with sweet jam and thick cream. 
As there are no sidewalks near the house, and I have a cute little pram just waiting to be filled with a baby, finding a suitable walking place has been top of mind. I did fairly well with my weight this pregnancy, surely because I lived in a city without a car to get me anywhere. I don't want to spend the last month of pregnancy catching up on lost time. 
Aden Park is a walker's paradise. Some trails are a little off the track, while others are perfectly paved and primed for Mom and Baby Group get togethers.  We tried last week to make it a habit by going every day after school. Spring was in the air, and in our step. And then it snowed, and I'm back to making scones. The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
14/3/2013 09:37:08 am

What a beautiful happy place for you!

14/3/2013 10:27:38 pm

Beautiful! Mother and Baby groups?? Stay away!

15/3/2013 02:19:03 am

Our hour at Gymboree still haunts me. It's not about to happen!

17/3/2013 06:07:29 am

Your new home looks beautiful. Enjoy!

Wow, looks beautiful. Can't wait to see it. Can the girls ride their bikes there as well?
20/3/2013 05:55:36 am

24/3/2013 11:26:44 am

miss those girls send a hug to them for us . thx xo.


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