Valentine's Day


I'm not against celebrating Valentine's Day. Even when I was very alone, clutching a Valentine from a 3 year old, I didn't hate Valentine's.  Oh, and in the 6th Grade I bought a card from the only gift shop in town, Townsend's Pharmacy, to give to my boyfriend of one week. He broke up with me instead. (Still didn't hate Valentine's.)

If I grumble about the day, it's only because I'm dead lazy. And getting more so by the year. The first Valentine's Day that Aaron and I shared, I bought him an assortment of spices, the hotter the better. All packaged up with a pretty red bow. He gifted me with a stone heart, a heart of stone, if you will. I still have this stone, complete with cracks endured over the years, and love it.

Anyway, if you're anything like me, you will appreciate this rapid fire Valentine's Day gift. A quick stop at the corner store and a mini raid of your kid's craft drawer, and you're set. Make sure you give it to your loved one half way through the day. That way, when they realize you were only joking when you said you didn't want to acknowledge the holiday, they still have time to run out and buy butter for the dinner they're going to cook you and a bouquet of tulips on the way out. (My favourite.)

You will need:

1 sheet each, red & black construction paper
1 label
A piece of pipe cleaner
3 Rolo or Daim bars


- Wrap each rolo bar in red construction paper, cut to size. 
- Affix your label, with message, to a strip of the black construction paper. 
- Wrap that around your three sticks of dynamite. I used a bit of tape to hold the three sticks together.
- Put a piece of pipe cleaner in the centre of your three bars, add some stickers if you fancy doing so, and ...
- You're done!

Happy Valentine's Aaron, I love you!

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