Life with three is, so far, absolutely insane. I'm counting down the years until I'll have more than five minutes to sit in front of a screen and write an entry. I can report that with four females in the house, the shrieking is mostly ceaseless. xo

Aside from observation, I don't know the first thing about what it means to have a sister. Sometimes the relationship seems to be one as thick as thieves, the next, mortal enemies. What will happen with a third in the mix?
28/3/2013 07:10:38 am

Tee hee hee .......

28/3/2013 07:01:51 pm

...three is - chaos, with a little mayhem thrown in.

1/4/2013 05:15:45 am

Take it from one of four, it's wonderful to have sisters. I'm so happy that my granddaughters will have someone always there for them with unconditional love.

Paula Rennie
29/4/2013 05:46:16 am

Wait till everyone gets PMS at the same time. Lucky Aaron!!


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