I'm a self proclaimed sandwich expert.  Before I learned to cook, I learned to make sandwiches.  I adored a crusty croissant with brie, honey mustard and black forest ham, and probably had it for dinner every night in my early twenties.  A pita wrapped around sliced turkey with sweet potato hummus, goat cheese and arugula is perfect.  I used to go to a Chinese restaurant every day after school with some friends and order a fried egg sandwich for $1.50.  

I really could go on, but I'm feeling pretty pathetic remembering all the special sandwiches I've had.  Oh god, there was also the year long love affair with Subway roast beef sandwiches with green peppers and pickles.  I'm done.  After this one:

I believe my love of sandwiches started in the most humble of circumstances.  My Mother, god bless her, was and still is a "don't talk to me until I have my coffee" kind of morning person.  She NEEDS that hour between her waking up and the rest of the household coming to life.  She was the type that if my brother and I were waking up at 6, she would set her alarm for 5.  
She is also very organized.  She knew the steps that needed to be taken between us waking up and us getting out to school.  Breakfast first.  For our entire childhood we would wake up to her shouting "Breakfast is ready!", not a nudge or anything else would rouse us out of bed.  

And what was this breakfast that I so fondly remember?  It was affectionately known as Burnt Toast. White bread with cheese whiz smeared on top and then put under the broiler until the fake cheese bubbled and turned black.  Cut in half, the cheese would ooze out and you could dip your crusts in that and feel pretty satisfied.  This breakfast of ours was the definition of a food jag, and now that I have kids of my own I feel REALLY sorry that we made my Mom make this so often.  I'm sure she wished that we were really into Muesli, but yuck.

I wrote all of this just to say, if you're craving a sandwich, have I got a good one for you! 
This is a focaccia sandwich with roasted red peppers, turkey and a mix of arugula, feta, olive oil and lemon juice.  The flavours were bright, the bread was both soft and crunchy, it was just plain good.  Give yourselves a break and make a sandwich for dinner tonight.  You'll be happy you did!
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18/1/2012 10:46:35 pm

I used to wear Leah Lefler's sweatshirt from the Chinese restaurant in first year. WEIRD.

18/1/2012 11:47:39 pm

I will never get over just how weird it is. Small fucking world.

19/1/2012 12:33:52 am

You sure do know how to make a pregnant Girl HUNGRY!

19/1/2012 01:12:38 am

It was the burnt toast, wasn't it?

Laura Cloet
19/1/2012 01:58:35 am

I love burnt toast! I am SO making that sandwich this weekend.

19/1/2012 02:52:42 am

I thought of you as I wrote it!

22/1/2012 05:29:05 am

and you sure know how to make a non-pregnant girl hungry!
hey, remember the reuben sandwich you made me in the summer? yum.

22/1/2012 05:53:07 am

Like I said, I remember every sandwich a little too much. Remember when I made Jeff the best sandwich of his life?

22/1/2012 08:46:16 pm

I'm speachless and really hungry time for an early morning sandwhich thats for sure. You are the sandwhich goddess ! We have had countless amounts of sandwhiches and I think in all that time I have only ever brought you one, But have enjoied so so so so many of yours.

25/1/2012 01:36:50 am

When you are back (everything crossed) you must watch a new show on the Food Network......"The Sandwich King".........where every meal can be a sandwich, and every sandwich is a meal!


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