I'm just realizing that we've been in Germany for a decent amount of time. This was the second Carnival that we've been a part of. It's like, our thing. We started planning the girls costumes a while ago, made plans for the parade and shouted "Karmelle!" around the city to have bon bons thrown at us. Claudia is becoming all too aware that each experience we have here is probably the last, so I have a bit of a heavy heart. Carnival is a celebration though, and we made the absolute most of it. 
Claudia requested a car costume and we one upped her and made it a clown car. Despite appearances, the blazing Mercedes symbol is actually the steering wheel. I think some things have just entered our subconsciousness.
Eloise and her best friend. They adore each other and have already made their own plans for him to run away to Scotland with us. Add this to the reasons for a heavy heart. 
These insane faces, and the February weather, are damn good reasons to be off your face drunk during the parade. Which, unfortunately, we were not.
Aaron the Dragon, as envisioned by his eldest daughter. With Eloise shouting for candy. Her and Claudia were as successful as armed bandits. 
Now it's Lent. Right?  Luckily I'm pregnant, so my vices aren't really present at the moment, so I don't have much to give up. This lapsed Catholic might make her mark yet! As for the rest of the brood, I'm sure they'll enjoy their Bandit's Bounty.
12/2/2013 03:55:33 am

Awwww!! Ellie hearts Hamilton tap water!!!!!

12/2/2013 03:58:44 am

Just when Aaron decided it was irrelevant to keep wearing it, Eloise found it and insisted it was not.

12/2/2013 10:58:17 am

Claudia is too cute! I thought it was a wonky peace sign, good thing I read further. What was Eloise??

12/2/2013 02:13:14 pm

Eloise was the same, just a little less enthusiastic about wearing a cardboard box all day.


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