My father in law is all about cultural experiences. Exploring bike trails, eating local cuisine and apparently clicking in at 200 km/h on the Autobahn. He also isn't the greatest at accepting criticism, so we all just sat back, silent as could be, as he hurled a minivan towards the coast. A two hour drive magically became a one hour drive and we all took turns patting Peter on the back for getting us to the sea in such great time.  
We settled on a place called Dangast, a small cove town on the Jade Breast Bay. I don't remember the German name, but it does actually translate to Jade Breast, because of it's shape and the colour of the water. The weather was chilly, with the threat of rain looming, but we made the most of it. The girls and I rolled up our jeans and headed into the muddy water. My tiny girls were able to stay above ground while their not so tiny mother sank into the mud with each step. I convinced myself that I was at the spa getting some kind of clay treatment. My mother in law was just convinced that I was nuts.
Eloise took no time in getting soaked in muddy water.  I had no choice but to take off her sopping jeans and fashion a makeshift sarong out of my scarf for her.  We thought this was a pretty good improvisation until a stranger came up to Aaron and gave him a new pair of pants for Eloise to put on.  
I may or may not still have clay imbedded under my toenails.
25/4/2012 11:45:28 pm

Hahah of course Dad would drive as fast as he could on the auto bahn. I enjoy these new posts. I was going through withdrawal. xox!

26/4/2012 12:07:22 am

He loved it! He needs to rent himself a sports car the next time they're over. Your Mom loved the rental. I see a new car in the near future.

26/4/2012 02:59:16 am

Why to go Peter.. im a bit Jealous!. Little Ellie in the mud of course! i would have given her 5 min until she was a mess, What a nice stranger to give her pants.

26/4/2012 05:42:23 am

Finally got a chance to drop in and this was a wounderful read . LOL the car ride sounded exciting , well for Peter giggle. Sounds like the girls had such a great time and hey you got spa time :) way to keep it positive Tara love it :) I think the wrap idea was way cute ! Boo to the man for not having a creative and fun mind she's a kid !!Most of the time they would be totally cool running around naked in freezing temp's. I also really like the picture at the end with the boots its a really nice picture !!!!

26/4/2012 06:19:26 am

I would not want to drive with Peter on the Autobahn. He was horrendous in Barbados! By the end we did all we could not to have to drive with him. But perhaps I would prefer that to Aaron's responsible 119 km/hour. They're so similar yet so different.


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