Today started out with such promise. A new bra, a pretty dress, ugh, a messy room. I've been putting off organizing the girl's room for a while now. Every night we clean up, only to witness a shit storm of paper and playmobil pieces the following day. 
So I've swapped my dress for a garbage bag and I'll be in the trenches for the remainder of the day. That is all. Nothing more to report. 
28/6/2012 09:52:16 pm

Here's a handy tip for your garbage bag: tell the girls all the toys are going into it unless they're cleared up in 20 minutes. Ask Kate (and her brothers). It works. And while they're tidying up, you can relax with a cuppa!

28/6/2012 10:24:24 pm

Oh, me also!
Or, I would go to school and come home to all the stuff on my bed, and an early bedtime to have it all cleaned up by.
This room needed a good purge - one bag full. I had so much fun chucking it, that I colour co-ordinated their clothes after.
I think I'm bored, no?

29/6/2012 02:14:43 am

Bored cleaning is better than bored smoking!!

29/6/2012 10:40:25 am

Remember back when you were pregnant with Claudia and you two announced that your children would have no toys? We laughed and laughed ...

29/6/2012 03:50:00 pm

... and bought them LOTS of toys.


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