The girls decided to surprise us last night by eating their dinner. As a reward to them, and a pat on the back for ourselves, I suggested we take the kids out for a walk to get ice cream.  
See those droopy eyes on Claudia? That's her slowly getting stoned off dark chocolate ice cream. The following hour was the most erratic hour of my life. I remember that my brother wasn't allowed chocolate for the longest time because it made him insane. The genes have resurfaced. 

First she wanted to do relay races. Then a marching band. Complete with instruments of our own imagination. Except she was the LEADER so she decided what instruments we would play. When I refused to march through town playing an imaginary tuba, she became unhinged. She started playing her own magic music called "5 year old public temper tantrum."  We had to seek refuge. We found a church. "Sanctuary! Sanctuary!"

This is where Claudia becomes paranoid. There is a choir and orchestra playing inside the church, music spilling out into the streets. It is breathtakingly beautiful. The members are performing Requiem for a War, written about when the Germans stormed Conventry. But Claudia finds it unsettling. She says it's eerie and evil and she starts to cry. We decide that the next time we treat the girls to ice cream, it's strawberry all the way. 
Eloise, not suffering, but trying to get a better listen. And really, hedgehog door handles?? I'm going to rob this church.
31/5/2012 04:07:01 am

Is your oldest under the care of a doctor? I love it when fun plans turn into the worst idea ever. But I would have loved to see a marching tuba-playing Tara.

31/5/2012 04:26:14 am

Just find the video of me singing "ducks like rain". It serves the same purpose.

31/5/2012 09:07:43 am

On the plus side, this strange reaction to chocolate does go away eventually. Now he's Tasha's problem :)

7/6/2012 02:44:56 am

William has the same chocolate problem... He's worse then a woman pms'ing in dyer need of chocolate and if it's not given ... watch out !! To cute loved reading this one !!!


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