After spending the morning at The Hamilton Farmer's Market and Public Library, my friend Sarah and I decided to take a trip to Ottawa Street.  Back when my Mom was a child, my Babcia would take her to the Avon Theatre to see movies like "That Darn Cat" and then off to pick up fabric and a stop by the butcher where Mom would get a big hunk of Polish sausage to munch on. 
Like many things in Hamilton, Ottawa Street had a grand heyday and then slowly started to decline.  It's still a beautiful street, but not a destination so much as it used to be. 
Stories like this make Hamiltonians sad.  We hold on to pictures of a bygone era and say "Wasn't this nice, don't you wish we could have this again?"  And sometimes, we get lucky.  Sometimes, a committed group of people get together and try to start up a community movement.  On Saturday, Sarah and I happily strolled in and out of boutique baby shops, antique stores and we were fortunate to finish our stroll at the Cannon Coffee Co.
The two young women who own the shop were friendly and open to talking about owning a shop on Ottawa Street.  The coffee, using beans from local roasteries, was delicious and heady.  The decor was sunny and fresh and I hope that lots of people take advantage of the sunlight that floods the place and grab a coffee and a book and stay a while. As they work out their menu, the current price of a coffee is "pay what you will".  I hope they make LOTS!

18/3/2012 10:20:29 pm

It was a pretty Great day!! Even picked up some decor for the Baby room. xo

19/3/2012 11:41:35 am

Congrats on the upcoming baby Sarah - so exciting!

And you picked a perfect friend to go nursery shopping with :)

19/3/2012 02:48:01 am

Well that one looks promising. Any coffee shop with yellow chairs is bound to do well.


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