Block party! We headed out the door around ten Saturday morning and spent 6 hours out and about in our neighbourhood. Mini flea markets sprung up by the dozens, musicians were playing in every square, neighbours were putting the humble lemonade stand to shame. And the sun did not seize to shine.
We ran into some neighbours, whose daughter is Claudia's best buddy at school, and conversed in broken languages. Canada has it wrong about drinking in public, it honestly is the best. The kids climbed trees and ran amuck while the parent just shared a beer and had a laugh or two.  
It's hard to believe that I actually belong to a community in this town, but it appears that I do. It was nice just to ramble around, walking around with no map, saying hi to familiar faces. It turns out that this is our home.
1/7/2012 05:17:10 pm

It looks like fun and you must of loved those flea markets. Munster certainly is a beautiful place to be able to call home.

1/7/2012 05:48:35 pm

Thanks Kim!
You a little jet-lagged? It's 3 in the morning there!
How was Luxembourg?
Thank you for being here, it was such a treat!

1/7/2012 11:06:46 pm

Just alittle insomnia.
Did not like Luxembourg at all, went on to Nancy and stayed there. It was nice, I'll send you pictures.
Thanks again for your hospitality, it was a treat for us as well.

3/7/2012 10:56:55 pm

Not at all?! That's too bad. At least Nancy was pretty. Is it worth the drive?

3/7/2012 05:45:19 am

thats so nice!! Glad you had a great time and its feeling like home. xo

3/7/2012 10:56:11 pm

It's only taken a year(ish)!


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