After the debacle that happened on Sunday, we decided that we would stay low key and use the car to travel nearby.  After a quick call to Anna & Wilhelm's for suggestions, we decided that we would go to Tecklenburg, a village about 30 minutes away.  
It's a higgily-piggily sort of place, with crooked lanes and a quiet air.  Our main requisite was that we be near the forest, and we were not disappointed.  I'll let the pictures do the talking now.
1/2/2012 01:54:44 am

Nice pics! I thought I told you that you were grounded. You listen as well now as you did as a teen! I'd write more but I need to go talk to the Karma God about what I expect from your kids :)

2/2/2012 02:26:29 am

these are some gorgeous photos (especially the last one).

p.s. I miss those girls!


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