Hi all!  We're in Europe, the culture oozes from the cobblestones and the air is seeped in history.  But really, who gives a fuck, when for 20 bucks we suddenly find ourselves in front of the blue and yellow megastore known as Ikea??  The girls FREAKED OUT!  I honestly have not seen them this excited in, I don't know, ever.  They leapt and squealed and shouted "We're in Canada!  We're going to have HOT DOGS!!"  Actually, it was us who shouted about the hot dogs. They tasted just like hot dog day in elementary school.  They were North American perfection, except they come with pickles, fried onions and remoulade sauce.  
We shut this store down.  Literally, they locked the doors behind us.  Who knows what excitement we'll encounter when our kitchen is delivered to our apartment in 8 to 10 business days.  Wish us luck!
Laura Cloet
2/11/2011 02:41:13 am

Tara, I absolutely love reading your blog! I can actually taste the St.Bernards hot dogs after reading this. I was randomly thinking the other day, about the video of us playing on the slip and slide at your house when we were little. That video is amazing. The memory also got mer thinking about the cheese toast your mom used to make us in the oven..the kind where the cheese would get all crispy and yummy. Mmmmm. Both are great childhood memories! I am glad I get to read about the new memories you are making with your family in Germany!

2/11/2011 05:05:18 am

Thanks Laura! Oh my God - Burnt Toast! I swear it's my Mother's claim to fame. I think Nateara even had a memory of it a while back. I tried making it for the girls once and they just looked at me like I had two heads.
Thanks for reading the blog! This country is hilarious so there is always lots to share. I hope things are well. My creeping skills suggest that you're moving into a new house soon. I can't wait to see the pictures! You have an amazing eye and I'm sure it will look beautiful. All the best!

burnt toast queen
2/11/2011 07:04:34 am

Wow. With this many accolades I should probably be on the lookout for the Iron Chef people coming to my door ...

6/11/2011 10:34:50 am

Oh thats so sweet Bob makes the kids burnt toast all the time. Ok it's for him but if he doesnt shair it would be hell to pay. OMG you made it to an Ikea. Lol honestly you's should have gotten the girls on video for all to see. It would have been priceless. Sorry you's got lock out and yes good luck with everything ahead ! xoxo


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