If you're willing to accept your inner nerd, and then accept that you're going to display it in public, Geocaching may just be for you.  I had bought Aaron a handheld GPS for his birthday a few years ago, with the promise that we would go out and activate ourselves with fresh air, good parenting and financial control.  This lasted about 3 months and then the GPS went into hiding and I focused my energy on retail therapy, medical therapy and "maybe I might benefit from psychotherapy."  If only I could understand what Dr. Deutsch was saying to me . . . 
Living in Germany is expensive, so it became time for us to exercise that financial control thingy.  So we dusted off our GPS and took the kids out treasure hunting around Münster.  I ROCK at finding caches!  What started out as wholesome became a competition, and I won.  Unless I let Aaron win, but even then, I still won.  We saw a lot of the city that we had not ventured to before and the kids really did enjoy themselves.  So, another happy and retail free Sunday marked off.  
Bubble cache! (That I found.)
I forget what this is, but it's pretty and I found a cache here.
Claudia holding the cache that I found.
St. Lamberti's Church. Aaron found the cache but was yelled at from a passing car for climbing on the church "ON SUNDAY!" I would have found this one, but I'm too short.
NERDS!! But i found the cache!
Spring has come early to the city and presented itself by way of fragrant blossoms, flowing water and our first robin sighting.  The girls and I leave for Canada on Saturday and I hope when we come back, the warm weather will be here to stay and we can enjoy more days like this.  
9/3/2012 03:07:47 am

I want to play !! that sounds like fun. I like Free fun ! see you soon. xo


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