I would say that almost immediately after walking through the gate at Pearson Airport, my Mom told me about this vitamin E cream that she's been using, and maybe I would like to try some as well.  My family knows no end for translating "you look like shit" into another vocabulary.  Needless to say, my face now looks like I just participated in some Spring Break oil wrestling contest. Parched, unevenly toned skin be damned!

I've never done an American style Spring Break, so I have no clear idea of what it is that happens there, but I fathom it might look something like chlamydia.  I've realized in the past couple of weeks, that the part of me who would have indulged in this type of entertainment is long dead and gone.  Instead, it looks like this:
Sarah, the last "girl about town" that I know has gone and got herself pregnant. Our conversations have become ones about morning sickness and outings involve colour scheming paper lanterns for the baby's room.  At least she still has great boobs.  Shh, nobody tell her what's going to happen to them after the baby is born.  It's a secret.

I take no responsibility for feeling as old as I do, but instead blame it on the following.  
Exhibit #1: The BFF
Past Experience: Drunk, drunk, drunk in Calgary.  She called me slutty and I took it as the sweetest compliment ever.  Find mutual admiration in watching our husbands play Pictionary drunk.  See the Grand Canyon together.
Present Experience:  Fall asleep while a birthday party is happening in another room because my child needs Toopy and Binoo right now.  Katie coming in to wake me up. 

The coolest birthday cake ever.
Exhibit #2:  Not being the last one standing at the midway.  I want to say I came close to puking on some really brutal ride called the Devil Inside You, or something like that.  In reality, it was the Berry Express and resulted from an over zealous step dad fulfilling his two granddaughters demands to "spin faster!"  This is them, still going strong, hours after I had given up.  
Final Exhibit: Our three week "vacation".  Utterly exhausting, packed full of activities.  Joining my Mother at the kitchen table every morning, shutting the girls out until we've had that one cup of coffee in peace.  Looking up and realizing that we do in fact become our mothers.  Today is her birthday.  We Skyped her this morning and Claudia asked "How old do you feel Grandma??"   My guess is, old enough.  I think our vacation may have aged her just a little bit more.  
3/4/2012 12:15:50 am

I love this post.
Hopfully the next time your home i can entertin the idea of going out on the town once again .. we may be home closer to 1 then 4 but i hope to still entertain it ! Unless a screaming baby gets in the way :)
Katie can you please make me a cake .. the other day thats all i wanted to eat is your chocolate cake. I think you make it the best!
Miss you guys already!

3/4/2012 12:24:19 am

I'm putting money on the screaming baby! You'll learn to love movies and bedtime just as much as dancing to the wee hours. Sometimes you'll cry though.

3/4/2012 01:55:27 am

"Sometimes you'll cry though." Put the parenting books away, that's all you need to know. Seriously.
Sarah, I will let you know the second I plan on making another chocolate cake. Pregnant girls will have priority!

3/4/2012 02:53:38 am

The book is away and im ready to Cry !!
Thanks Katie i cant Wait for Cake ! :)


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