I don't suppose I've mentioned our sleeping arrangement yet.  What appears to be a king size bed turns out, on further inspection, to be two single bed frames smashed up beside each other.  Eloise is still climbing into our bed at night, but that should now be revised to say she is now climbing into my single bed with me every night.  I can't Skype with anyone without being told that I look stressed or tired, or whatever sounds more polite than truthfully telling me I look like shit. One point I should make though is that while you're all middle-of-the-day-pretty, I've just half heartedly washed my face and am ready for bed.  Time changes suck for your appearance. 

We've made our first major purchase, a stroller with a "Buggy Board" attached.  We found out early on that with no car and no television, we're going to have to explore German culture on foot.  My suburban children were not amused.  Claudia could not make it more than 50 metres before slumping her shoulders and sticking her tongue out to pant that she's too tired to go on.   
Münster is the bicycle capital of Germany, and please do not think they just made this up for bragging rights.  In the local dialect bikes are called Leezen, and they are everywhere.  The sidewalk is divided in half by coloured bricks, grey for pedestrians and red for the Leeze.  The girls will shout "Off the bike lane!!" if they see our foot wander into the red zone, and it's a good thing that they do.  I didn't think it was possible for a bike bell to sound so agressive, but it is.  I give it another week before Aaron or I are hit.

I just realized that when I said we have no television, that was a lie.  We have a television, it's just very German.  The only thing that makes even remote sense are the commercials for phone sex.  I don't need a translator for this, but dear God, are they ever explicit.  I don't know how there is a market for porn in this country when all one needs to do is turn on the tv past 9 pm.  That little black dot over her vagina is not distracting anyone from the Bertha sized breasts flailing around.
BTW, all Aaron and I do at night is have a beer and play Bananagrams.  I'm way too tired/stressed/looking-like-shit to even consider doing what is being advertised at 5 Euros a minute.

p.s.  More to come on the nuances of German living.  For now, here are some pictures from around town.  
Tomato soup with whipped cream!
Eloise on the promenade that wraps around town.
Prinzipalmarkt decorated with Münster's city colours.
Flower Market.
60 year old wooden slide down to the children's shoe department.
Candy floss at the Kinderfest.
Schloss Palace, near our place as we walk into town.
Did I mention you can smoke anywhere? This is my happy face.
Why didn't my Mom make me warm milk and honey as a child? (Katie, try not to gag.)
I'll say it. German parks are way better than Ontario parks.
27/9/2011 12:19:47 am

Oh I didn't realize we were supposed to SAY it. You look like shit :)
And for the record, apparently Eloise just doesn't cause people to look like shit. She's also - according to your grandmother - the reason why my rotator is torn to pieces. That's one talented kid who can cause this much damage from across an ocean. lol

27/9/2011 07:06:36 am

stunning photos! I'm jealous of your 'happy face'.

27/9/2011 10:34:31 am

A few things:
-I always tell you you look beautiful on Skype.
-Smoking is still gross, even in Germany. Happy face will soon be wrinkled and yellow, although for now it is a beautiful face.
-The girls look happy, have you been lying to me?
-Does this mean you're enjoying parks now?
That's all for now.

27/9/2011 11:52:05 am

So I've always had a thought of putting two beds together but in my dreams it was two queens :( awww.... Hopefully once you's are into your own place and are able to get really settled You will beable to have an entire single bed (or bigger) to yourself and might get around to some advertisment they take ever so lightly out there 9pm really... Can you get walkers insurance out there?? lol You's may need it by the sounds of it. "Buggy board" can I get one I need to see that! Don't frett dearest Tara Im sure those mid-afternoon-pretties don't look so hot ether at bed time and should be thankful enough to still beable to see you's .... Just sayin. Claudia looks stunning in the picture with the soup really that is one of the best kid picture's the sweater is super cute aswell!Cuteness by Claudia style by Mom love it. (and sometimes friends insuring not to leave anyone out.) Eloise yes please send this picture to me because it belongs in a magazine. My how those young ladies have grown. Keep up all the hard work Mom and Dad great job ! The town beautiful the flower market, I'm sure you have gotta a pretty bounch outta there for yourself Tara. Keep smiling! HAPPY FACE all the way :)..Aaron is finally on the out's..lol sorry Aaron. Bob thinks the milk and honey looks really good. I'm not a fan but it looks pretty enough to drink. :) We've been to 60 parks across ontario can not wait to put those beautiful parks on our list!!! To those of you's who say my "Goodness this girl write's alot" I sadly am not one of the lucky ones who get to skype with them ...YET that is. So writing to my sister in law and her family is our mean's of getting in touch and I love it. As much as I would love her should we not say afternoon pretty look. Since I'll be there with ya babe.. Cheers with a beer and a game of Bananagrams always thinking of you's !


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