So, I've just found out the reason why it has been so hard to lose weight here in Germany, despite all the walking and activity we've been up to.  
The German way of saying it is "zu viele Kartoffeln". Which doesn't mean "You're pregnant", but rather translates to "Too many potatoes."  
But I'm not letting it get me down.  In fact, my figure is so cooperative I can fit into any scarf I try on.  Go me!! 

Side note: Aaron, who loves to read over my shoulder, just said "I don't get it."  Adding that the above post is "Only funny if you know you're trying to be funny."  Just to clarify, I was trying to be funny. 
23/10/2011 12:13:29 am

Aaron is a turd. And you are officially funnier than he is. You made me laugh out loud. Not that LOL shit, actually laugh out loud. Miss you's.

24/10/2011 06:14:46 am

I don't think any man will understand a woman's humor. I do think it was very funny tho. A scarf does make an outfit and they have always looked so damn good on you. Keep smiling try and take care. xo


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