The beach. Oh the longing, I had no idea. The temperature was 30+ degrees and no sign of rain for days to come. Salty water, plenty of shell hunting, a few sand castles rounded out the best days of our holiday. 
Practically a private beach, little nooks were carved out in the dunes for you to have your own little spot to relax, or hide your pasty white thighs from the general public. Your choice. 
We spent one day on the Belgian coast, the next on the Dutch side. In Belgium, the girls and I played in tide pools and collected mussels. In Holland, the girls and I played in tide pools and collected soft shell crabs. So yeah, there wasn't much of a difference. Except that they did become mermaids in Holland. 
Happy little mermaids, I might add.
25/7/2012 09:54:02 pm

Glad you finally got your beach time. And the girls. Summer just isn't summer without beach days.

25/7/2012 10:25:01 pm

Sounds like it was a perfect little vacation. The farm and the beach. Now to come home to Hamilton .. you wont want to be here for long after seeing those beautiful things. xo

29/7/2012 12:38:58 am

Beautiful beaches , So happy you's finally got a little beach sun kissed :) LOVE & miss the little mermaids .


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