I love the Sound of Music.  I still have the recorded from tv VHS movie my Mom made me when I was a child.  I sing My Favourite Things to Claudia.  I was Sister Sophia in our Grade 8 production of the play.  I had to remember the line "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned" while holding Nazi auto parts.  Anyway, I wanted to go to Salzburg.
Aaron picked us up in Frankfurt and off we went.  After a few stops along the way, (more about those later), we had the Alps (I think?) in our line of site and soon enough we were finding our way to our hotel.
Except, by hotel, I mean Pension.  I still don't quite know what that is, but it's somewhere between a hostel and a low run hotel.  We got out of our car in the pouring rain, stepped over some broken beer bottles and found ourselves across the street from a porn store.  My open mind was not to be deterred, so we unloaded our bags and went out for dinner.  It was so much fun taking the kids outside every ten minutes so they could scream, whine and complain in the great outdoors.  Alas.
We walked back to the hotel/Pension and waited for sunrise.  Turns out, you want to spend the money for a hotel in the old town.  The difference was quite literally night and day.  I swear the hills were fucking alive with the sound of music.  We strolled, we picnicked in a valley, we weren't all yelling at once.  It was a strange sort of happiness.  

We didn't do any Sound of Music tours or anything like that, but we did run into a few of the places where scenes were filmed and learned a lot along the way about the real Von Trapp family.  The obstacles they had to overcome are truly awe inspiring.  I mean, they somehow managed to get a five year old to cross the Alps?  I can hardly get Claudia to walk to school.  These parents had balls of steel.    
I have confidence?
Crisp Apple Strudel
This is Edelweiss until a botanist tells me different.
Easter Market goodies.
If my Deutsch is correct, these horses make 160 euros an hour.  Fancy.
7/4/2012 03:03:32 am

I'm coming back as an Austrian horse in my next life ....

anna botanica
16/4/2012 03:54:48 pm

you were not asking:
sorry to tell the truth you clearly did not want to hear -- but my biologist heart could not leave you in the dark. can show you some real edelweiss soon in the botanical garden. hohoho.


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