It may already be known, but it's been hella cold out here in Germany for about two weeks.  The drizzle and grey have been replaced with glorious sunshine and air that stabs your skin.  And no snow. It's bizarre, really.  

I was reading up on this extreme Eastern cold front and stumbled upon an article about a Dutch man visiting the area, who fell through 10 cm of ice and is still MISSING.  That's terrifying.  So naturally, when Aaron said he wanted to take the girls "sliding" on the ice, I was really excited to have an hour of shopping to myself.   

He decided that they would go to the old city moat, which is now a flooded ditch, a frozen flooded ditch.  There were signs near the bridge that said you should not go on the ice, lest you slip to your cold, watery death, but Aaron was not to be dissuaded.  In fact, an oft seen legless, homeless, wheel chaired Man with a litre and a half bottle of beer resting on his lap, assured Aaron that the sign was all nonsense.  In German.  (I do not speak German.)

So Aaron, being responsible, decided to heed the sign's advice and walk about 100 metres further, out of the sign's view, to where a bunch of teenagers were drinking and doing some sliding of their own. 

At this point I left, because I'm anxious about such things and all my hovering was noticeably pissing my husband off.  I got lost trying to find what I was looking for in town and when I turned a random corner, who is there but The Oft Seen Man.  Seriously, this guy moves backwards.  In his wheelchair, over cobblestones.  I have no idea how I managed to run into him again, but I did and he offered me a ride on his lap.  In German.

Taking this as a sure sign that the ice was cracking at that very moment, I ran back to the frozen ditch to find my family basking in the sunshine, as happy as can be.  So I gave up my hesitation and joined them on the ice.  Life was good, until I saw a fish swimming 10 cm under my feet, and then it was time TO GO.  
11/2/2012 05:11:50 am

When I was ten I fell through the ice on the pond. I would have been more comfortable hearing about a ride on an old legless man's lap. In German.

11/2/2012 05:14:39 am

You did?!?!?!
Maybe that's why Dzia Dzia always threatened to throw me in the pond if I didn't behave? So scary!

11/2/2012 11:09:33 pm

Nothing about your day sounds fun to me. Ice scares me! Mismatched Eloise is adorable, though.

12/2/2012 02:41:14 am

Love this blog, it made me laugh! Aaron is definitely Peter Tikuisis's son. 'Don't worry, the ice on the lake is totally, 100% FINE, I guarantee it!' as the ice cracks and rumbles all around us and Jeff is sinking up to his knees into the slushy water.

12/2/2012 02:43:10 am

p.s. the last time I saw Ellie in those snowpants she was whacking Pinata Dora in my parent's basement...

16/2/2012 10:31:42 pm

Im proud of you that you made it onto the ice. That is awesome and so so so scarey at the same time. Nice you's where finally able to get with all the crazy weather out there. The old man sounds funny I had to giggle. You should bring him some cookies or something one time so he can pair it with his beer. Just to be on he safe side make sure it's not long befor you's leave. Glad Aaron took the girls outta the signs view. Take care and be safe in this winter weather much love to you's. I love the picture !


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