Oh the tears that were shed.  We said "see you later" to friends and family Monday and started our trip over to Germany around 8 that evening. The plane ride(s) were pretty good, until Claudia puked. All over her new travel sweater.  The same sweater that Aaron and I argued about letting her wear on the plane.  I wanted her to, because it was cute.  He said No, because she would get it messy.  Now I owe him something so vile that I'm hesitant to write it online.  Not only do I have to acknowledge that he was right, I must admit I was wrong.  Dear Aaron, you were right, and I was wrong.  I'm sorry.

It's been raining here in Münster off and on since we arrived, so we've mostly been unpacking and settling into our surprisingly nice apartment.  We did take two overtired, jet-lagged children to a restaurant last night and then promptly left because people were staring.  We then went to ANOTHER restaurant where the speciality was that they didn't serve any chicken, only pork.  We had a very enjoyable dinner among the Tuesday Night German Drunks, and Cute Aged Germans who played cards in the corner the whole evening.  No one cared that there were cranky kids about, they even liked the cranky kids.  One, Alfred, taught Eloise to blow out a flame from his lighter.  We plan to go back often.  It's wonderfully sketchy.  

So although we haven't seen much of the town yet, I can report that it is indeed very pretty.  Even the packaging on the butter is pretty.  See?

There is a bakery next door that sells the most amazing pastries to enjoy with my morning coffee, which I have on the terrace off of our bedroom.  Now if only I could bring my friends here to enjoy it with me.  Anyone?  I'm going to miss you.

14/9/2011 09:22:13 am

I'm thinking April would be a good month and we can plan one ginormous birthday party!

16/9/2011 03:33:50 pm

That butter does look pretty. I can't wait to come see your new town! You have a terrace! Amazing!


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