We had bird watchers come and visit! I was serenaded with pigeon coo imitations for two days and it was excellent. There are only two other people I know that are more interested in pigeons, Bert being one, my mother being the other. I sent this pic to my Mom years ago, just to be mean.
Pelican vs Pigeon. Who wins?
The weather was down right pleasant for their visit. Then, they left this morning and it has been raining since. This is a craft we did a while ago, but it's perfect for a rainy day like today, and uses scrap paper that every parent inevitably has laying around.
After tracing the outline of a bird, I had the girls use some watercolour paint to colour it in. I cut it out, slit its belly open and put in some accordion wings the girls had made out of left-over paper. Then we took some pinking shears to other scraps and threw those into a bowl to make a nest. Easy peasy. I think Bert would approve.
27/6/2012 11:49:29 am

I have a finch feeder up at the trailer. Niger seed is NOT cheap. I have two morning doves who sit under the feeder and happily eat away at whatever the finches drop. I keep telling them that they're nothing more than pigeons with better resumes and ideally they should move on down to the other end of the flower bed and eat the plain old bird seed.


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