Yippee! We've booked our tickets and we're heading home in time to play in the dregs of summer. As per usual, Aaron will be working some of the time which means that I get to revel in quality time with the ones I miss most. I think this is the most excited I've been to come home since we've been here. 

Since it's all I can seem to think about, I've started compiling a mental list of things to do when we're down. Visits with friends and family are a must, but what else do I want to do with my time? Here's what I've got so far:

1) Retail therapy. Homesense, Dollarama, Joe Fresh, Anthropologie and god willing, Target. I want to go to Indigo, grab a Frapuccino and 50 pounds worth of decorating books and just sit for an hour with a friend.

2) Port Dover. Shirley Temples at Callahan's and a hot, sandy day at the beach. SPF 4 tanning oil and then a dose of Advil with a side of aloe. Celery bread at the Erie Beach Hotel.

3) Waterford Antique Market and the Black Bridge Trail. It's not as dangerous as it once was, but the kids will love it.

4) James St. Art Crawl. Though I fear that this is becoming a little too clique-ish, it's fun to run into familiar faces and get oh so yummy Salvadorian pupusas for a snack.

5) A picnic in the park. Let the kids play in the playground while the parents sneak sips of beer like it could have us arrested. Because this isn't Germany.

Any other suggestions? We're home for a month and I need to fill up on all that I've missed. Coincidentally, we'll mark our one year anniversary of moving to Germany while we're home. That's crazy I tell ya.

15/7/2012 09:30:16 pm

Cottage family time with the girls swimming from the dock to the beach, the zoo.

15/7/2012 09:34:45 pm

I forgot all about sleeping in while Grandma wakes up before dawn! Thanks for reminding me! ;)
The Zoo sounds great too!

15/7/2012 10:00:21 pm

Port Dover is on our summer list, let's make it a date! Although the tanning oil seems a bit too Hamilton for my taste, I'll force you to wear proper sunscreen. Wrinkles Tara, wrinkles.

15/7/2012 10:33:57 pm

Ok, let's!
If I dress in low rise jeans and/or arrive in a scooter, can I bring the tanning oil? Maybe just on my exposed muffin top?

My Mom will be slathering me in Vitamin E cream so my wrinkles don't give away the fact that she's a grandma.

16/7/2012 12:40:47 am

it really is a perfect time to come back Tara, Jeff will be back to school and Charlotte and I will be lonely and needing lots of auntie and cousin time. it's going to be great to have you home again.

can the Littles join you guys to go to Port Dover too? I've never been!

16/7/2012 12:46:37 am

Oh this is exciting! Let's all go to Dover!

Remind me to ask your Mom about bringing the car home. Or maybe, if possible, pretty please, I love you, you might ask her for me???

16/7/2012 06:16:24 am

I think to make this happen, you should have Aaron call his Dad. Picking it up, insurance, getting it back into storage???

16/7/2012 07:54:02 am

Three exclamation marks??? Maybe an email would be better to discuss this in.

16/7/2012 01:52:37 am

I'll clean a spot off my corner shelf for your MASCARA and such ;)

16/7/2012 08:08:23 am

Yes, the corner shelf might be better than the shelf above the toilet. And more economical, coincidentally.

Prego..soon to have Baby
16/7/2012 02:07:23 am

YAY .. i will just be starting my mat leave for all of this.. if things are going good can baby and i join ? Would love to go to Dover ( more then spf 4 though) retail therapy and a Frapuccino sounds nice too. So excited !!

16/7/2012 08:09:19 am

Chapters sounds perfect! And baby snuggles!

17/7/2012 04:13:36 am

So no to Dover i just get Chapters .. oh i see how it is.

17/7/2012 04:53:04 am

no, no, Dover sounds perfect too!

16/7/2012 08:03:51 am

I'll do the antique place provided I'm not in labour when you go. :)

16/7/2012 08:06:57 am

WHAT? Really, truly? You know it's dead people's stuff, right? ;)
I am so holding you to this!

Laura Cloet
20/7/2012 01:25:28 am

I think you should visit Waterloo Region Museum and Doon Heritage Village in Kitchener! www.waterlooregionmuseum.com
It is like Backus Mill only WAY better. Over 20 buildings set to the year 1914 with costumed interpreters. I think your kids are the perfect age for the village. Lots of hands on activities daily as well! AND I might be working in the galleries if you decide to come...and you wont have to endure a puppet show to see me this time! :)


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