I'm hiding in another room.  Our water heater has gone kaput, and the man who is here to install the new one should have chosen ballet as a career path.  He is SCREAMING at Aaron in German because the water heater is exactly where it is supposed to be, but he's having trouble reaching it.  I'm just going to keep typing until he's left, because I'm quite frightened and don't wish to leave the room.  If he was a stay at home Mom, I would offer him a coffee, hug, bubble bath - SOMETHING to calm him down, but I don't think any of those would work.  I am now on my knees (not really) praying that God intervenes and the puzzle piece will just snap into place.  
Oh, it is suddenly quiet.  Maybe Aaron stepped in and gave him a hug?  I hear tools being packed.  YES!  Guten Tag Handy Man!  I don't want to believe in divine intervention, but I do say that is what just happened.  Phew.
5/4/2012 02:14:27 am

Aaron should have screamed back at him in English. He would have thought Aaron was the Angel of Death coming to get him in Grim Reaper speak.

5/4/2012 02:17:24 am

EEEK !!!


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