The area of Germany that we live in is castle central. I can go 30 km in any direction and find one. The palace in Münster is beautiful, but it's also the administrative offices for the university. So, if you want to register for German lessons, you go to a palace to do so.  
So it didn't strike me as odd that when I was talking to the BFF the other day about how my day was when I blurted out near the end of our conversation "Oh yeah, we went to a castle today." How obnoxious is that? Quite a bit, as I couldn't help but be embarrassed for myself when she replied, "Oh yeah?  I went to Walmart today."
What I wouldn't give to have rock bottom priced laundry detergent right about now! Living in Europe is so different from living at home. History surrounds us at all turns and it's best that I try to remember that this little life of ours will not last forever.  
p.s.  This castle is also now home to the School of Finance. So, as romantic as it looks, there were also plenty of students hanging out of windows and eating pizza. They seemed completely unfazed about their surroundings. I'm not the only one taking this stuff for granted.
2/5/2012 03:46:24 am

Dont be embarrassed we are all jealous one way or another

2/5/2012 04:39:32 am

The grass is always greener... I'm jealous that you have a baby in your belly! I only have dinner in there.

2/5/2012 05:29:36 am

Nice picture (of you) Tara! And I guess Walmart could be considered a castle of consumption...
See you in Gay Paree!

2/5/2012 11:43:22 pm

Thanks Paula! I am oh so excited!

2/5/2012 08:40:18 pm

Meh. I've never been into castles, or anything German for that matter. I'm just jealous that you're going to get to Paris before us!

2/5/2012 11:45:27 pm

You're still into gifts, right?
I'm equally jealous that you get to stay after I leave! Take me home with you.

2/10/2013 01:45:09 am

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