On a bike ride the other day, we discovered this cafe named Nachtisch (Desserts) and resolved to make a visit sooner rather than later. Mother's Day was a perfect excuse to have sweets for lunch. We didn't hold back and each ordered what we wished.  
Claudia in her chocolate, chocolate and chocolate glory.
Eloise picked the simplest looking dessert, which ended up being the fan favourite.  It was a white chocolate torte with berries and jam on top.  So freaking good.
How fancy is THIS?  Vanilla bean panna cotta with chocolate brownie and brulèed sugar crisps. Dollops of white chocolate ganache and sour cherries dusted with pistachios. Gelato on the side and oh, of course gold. This was over the top and quite yummy, but looks were definitely its most defining attribute.
Ice Tea - Mint, Lemon, Cherry, Banana
We spent the better part of an hour there, just enjoying the sunshine while the girls played with puzzles. If you're ever out Münster way, I definitely recommend a visit. They serve my favourite Roestbar coffee and have a gorgeous patio, abundant with potted herbs. They also sell homemade preserves, which was a perfect little gift to pick up for Mother's Day.  
23/5/2012 08:24:28 am

A must when we visit.

23/5/2012 08:42:08 am

Agreed!! Now I'm looking forward to the beer, sausage & desserts! Yum!

25/5/2012 08:14:59 am

It's a date!

23/5/2012 10:51:54 am

This could almost convince me to save for a visit. But only Claudia's would do for me, the others aren't chocolate-y enough.

25/5/2012 08:15:38 am

oh please do.

25/5/2012 03:10:06 am

OH mY these look Yummy.. i would take one of each and eat them one after another. Mmmm

25/5/2012 08:16:17 am

I'm jealous that you're pregnant!


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