Blah.  It's been raining since last Tuesday.   I'm roasting brussels sprouts, so now the house smells like fart.  Eloise was entertaining herself by jumping on the bed, she fell off, and now I'm listening to her cry like a lost dog.  Claudia is grunting at her - "errrgh!"  and whining for me to put Eloise to bed.  
I've attempted to point out to random citizens that it's been raining for a week straight, and I'm met with the "Welcome to Münster!" response.  What a complacent group.  Don't they know that this, this complaining of the weather, is what you're supposed to do?  In all circumstances!  
Christ, I can't wait until it hits 30 with the humidity here so I can complain at how unseasonal it is.  That's what my family back home did, I'm sure, as they laid down at the beach this past Sunday.
Germany is funking me up this week.

11/10/2011 03:40:40 am

In Germany's defense, Canada also funks you up when rain and cranky kids are the theme of the day. Hope the kids ate the fart sprouts. Mine won't.

11/10/2011 06:10:49 am

According to Claudia, it's been raining "since we got off the plane." (I didn't mention seeing a dozen pictures of her taken in sunlight seeing how "since we got off the plane" sounds too much like something I'd say)

13/10/2011 11:30:32 am

Rain is not fun anytime... Have you dressed it up with rain boot's yet? Sounds not to wounderful :( So sorry to hear honey..... LOL It's sooooooo true if it's not one season pissing us off, it's another. I do believe everyone always has something to say about the weather here (Canada).... We would all like to pick a perfect day and keep it that way as long as possible.... I hope dinner turned out well :) Besides the aroma lol. We have a dog that lives next to us... He decided to chase a skunk a few days ago at 5:30am . The house smelled HORRIBLE. Needless to say it was an early morning and we all booked it outta here at 6am and didn't return till late ! Thankfully the smell was gone. Try and take care Tara. keep writing :) xo


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