Hip, hip! for crossover holidays. This past Sunday was all about Mum in Scotland and a special fest was prepared at our (so far) favourite place, Aden Park. It's a sprawling estate that has miles and miles of walking paths and a great park to reward the kids with at the end. Also, the ruined mansion looks so akin to Downton Abbey, I'm fairly smitten. 
Anyway, the Mother's Day fest was jointly held with the Aberdeenshire Heritage Fest. Our area's heritage is nearly exclusively farming, so there were fancy chickens and different types of wool to fondle. The girls, and then Aaron, made a bee line towards the spinning wheel and tried their hand. The woman was far too impressed with Aaron's handiwork. I just continued to fondle wool.
The lady who dresses herself in her pet's hair mentioned that there is an egg swap at the end of the month. It's free for hen owners and £2 for cluck-less members, such as myself. I have a chicken coop in the back garden though, perhaps it's time to enter the hipster world of chicken rearing? 
12/3/2013 11:22:47 pm

Hm. Good idea, but keep in mind that your grandfather raised chickens and his daughter refused to let him do anything with them but allow her to turn them into pets. The Ellie apple doesn't fall far from the tree ....

12/3/2013 11:39:36 pm

Oh GOD!! I would never chop a neck off a chicken. Can you imagine Aaron? I just want fancy eggs to show off to people who go to things like egg swaps.
Katie suggested bunnies though. That sounds all together adorable. Claudia suggested that you sleep in it when you come. Also, adorable.


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