While waiting for the bus in front of the Cathedral, Claudia and I were privy to a special ritual performed in front of our eyes.  A medium sized group had gathered around a mostly naked man who was chugging beer out of a pierced can.  Then he started spinning with his head on the can, the can on the ground.  The crowd counted to 30.  THEN he ran to a lamp post, turned around and ran back,  Without vomiting.  According to tradition, if a man has not married before he turns 30, he is punished all day long on his birthday eve.  The man was still in his underwear when a nun walked passed.  She didn't look.  She was the only one that didn't look.  Happy 30th Birthday, mystery man.  
26/9/2011 10:17:55 am

ahahaha That's amazing!! Please keep writing. It almost makes me miss you guys less.
ps. I found out today I get 3 weeks vacation!! Guess where I'm going???

27/9/2011 09:40:08 am

This ritual is awesome !! LOL I love it so much. Seeing as your brother and I will probly not be getting married by the time he is 30. I do think that this ritual will now be put to use in canada. Or in other words my house hold and I do think the day he turns 30 this is what we will all be doing to him on this day! Are you in ?? ... LMFAO. (to tell Bob or not to tell Bob hummm) ..lol.. The only thing that may be different here is the nun, you never see those woman in public in ontario... why? cheers to the day bob turns 30 !! See going to Germany has it's perks you now get to pick on your brother German style :)


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