Have you ever been lost in the woods in rural Germany?  Let me tell you, it's fucking terrifying.  Those Grimm Brothers weren't stretching any imagination when they talked about Witch's houses, except that there isn't any candy, only murderers.  Between the dilapidated structures and the corn fields, we walked for 7 kilometres in the pitch dark.  A moonless night, with only the crow's caw to keep us company.  (How's that for imagery??)
After dinner we decided to take a "popular" trail in the village of Handorf back to our bus stop.  This is where my love of guide books ended in heartbreak.  "Popular" could mean so many things, including "deserted in October, you stupid twat."  
Trying to reassure two children that we were safe was difficult as we didn't feel it.  You really have to feel something to be enthusiastic about it, and that we weren't.  So we just kept on trucking, while in my head I knew I could blame Claudia for our murder because the trail was all her idea.  Except that I would be murdered, so I couldn't blame ANYBODY.  Does the word murder bother anyone?  Cause I'm done now.

Finally, we saw a Crucifix in the cornfield so we knew we would be safe.  Christ is reassuring.  Except when Christ is just a big advertisement for the graveyard that we're suddenly standing beside.  I want you to visualize a pretty touristy looking family suddenly start running away with a buggy and attached "Buggy Board".  It wasn't pretty.  

Eventually we did make it back to our bus stop, Eloise asleep in her buggy, dreaming of candy houses.
20/10/2011 02:35:15 am

How can you be murdered when it's deserted? That's just suicide.

20/10/2011 03:09:08 am

If you'd gotten Eloise the baby cheetah like her grandmother would have, the girls would have been amused with the baby kitty, thus taking away the need to go hiking through Hansel and Gretel's woods.

20/10/2011 08:13:56 am

One day you will look back on this as an adventure and perhaps even laugh about it. The memory is a wonderful thing.

Nurse Trina
21/10/2011 08:45:14 am

This is my favourite post yet. I love it! I'm very happy you guys weren't murdered. Especially with that gorgeous scarf on!

21/10/2011 11:20:32 am

Is it just me or did your web page change ??? All of the letter's are very different.. weird !!! A walk in the woods is a scarey thing. It does look very pretty when you's are starting off.. But then sounds very spooky Perfect to do for he Halloween season.. Do they do that there humm ?? No need for haunted houses just hit the woods. Claudia gets stressed when she thinks you's are lost in a car. I could believe reasurring them wasn't easy.. LMFAO to the ending of your guide books... LOL my goodness what an adventure. I can honestly picture turning it into a commercial. The part when the pretty tourist family is running away..lol sorry to giggle very funny. Thank you for letting us shair in your adventures almost felt like we could have been there with you's. Can not wait for more.. All smiles. Love to the four of you's. xo

22/10/2011 10:54:52 pm

Tara you make me laugh-I luv ya for it! And nice scarf too! Enjoy your time and have no regrets. Xo


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