Short of walking non-verbal dogs for a living, I'm at a loss for ideas. The only networking I've managed to do is with the local coffee shops, and they don't appear to hire non-German-speaking mutes. So, I'm asking for your help. Whoever you are. Your two cents are invaluable, so give them to me. Or conversely, quarters, nickels, loonies, toonies, any loose change really. 

I want to start an online shop. A mix of vintage and 
hand-made items, sourced both locally and while out and about. I feel I have a good head for sorting through trash to find treasure, and I'm lucky to be friends with some very crafty people, even if they won't admit it. Katie Clarke.

So what do you think? Do you shop online? What do you look for when you do? Are you good with other people's cast-aways, or to they make you squeamish? If you want 
hand-made, do you rely on Etsy for your fix? 

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. The more input the better. I'm also going to do my first ever giveaway. I'll let Claudia pick a comment at random, and if it's you, we'll be sending off a little German gift for you to hopefully enjoy! Thanks everyone! xo
13/6/2012 09:26:52 pm

If Claudia picks anyone but me I'll know it's rigged. Or maybe your mother. We're the constant commenters.
I say start off with etsy, everyone knows it and it's trustworthy. I like to know that my money is safe when traveling through the intranets. I like buying vintage and handmade on etsy so you can cover both. What are you going to make?? Are you going to start sewing? This is so exciting!
I'm not crafty!!!!

13/6/2012 09:27:18 pm

Ooops. :)

13/6/2012 10:49:07 pm

Katie you are totally Crafty! I agree to start on a known site like etsy. See how it goes and then maybe create your own site off that. Good luck!

13/6/2012 11:42:54 pm

So it's not enough that I'm saving pennies to bring the girls here and then find out that I need to save pennies to get myself there. Now you want two more pennies?????????? Mind you, I guess there's worse addictions out there besides pennies.
Das German Kijiji
This blog - we all know how to pin and will happily pin away for you. Make a section advertising your goods and we'll all run to the virtual dollar store to pick up a box of virtual pins.

Paula Rennie
14/6/2012 05:14:20 am

Tara, I love the way you post recipes with those wonderful (and very artistic food styling) photos. Have you thought of starting a recipe blog with photos and approaching the makers/manufacturers of ingredients you use to advertise on your blog? (I know, long shot, but...)

15/6/2012 03:00:05 am

Love the idea Tara, I'm excited for you! You definitely have the eye and patience for finding and creating treasures :) Keep us posted on what you're planning to do. XO

15/6/2012 05:40:25 am

Thanks for all your help ladies! Even if it is never anything more than a pipe dream, it's still fun to play pretend. I'll announce the winner soon!


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