Halloween has not really caught on here in Germany. The following day is a very Catholic holiday and is the bigger deal of the two.  That said, our German friends, having lived in England for four years, happily threw a party where the kids were able to dress up and eat goodies.  I assumed that since it was a Halloween party, that adults should dress up too.  I would have assumed wrong.  Meeting new Germans while dressed up as Mary Poppins and her Chimney Sweep was probably a bad idea.  Luckily there was champagne to help diminish the initial embarrassment.  
Our host, being very polite, never let me pour my own drink, and I watched as the sparkling liquid vanished before my eyes.  Into my stomach.
In no time at all I was suddenly able to speak German!  I pulled Aaron into another room and shined a spotlight on him and told him to tell me all his secrets as I, Mary Poppins, had transformed into the German Stasi.  Except he did not tell me his secrets.  He was a tough nut to crack.  I reminded him, again in German, that I would get the secrets out of him in due time.  At this point he started laughing, and told me this secret.  My German was non existent and my English merely tolerable, but my Russian accent was spot on.  
Not even the fellow smoker and I bonded that evening and I found myself building the most kick ass train track with Claudia into the wee hours.  
Champagne, you are no longer my friend.
1/11/2011 09:57:55 pm

Is there anything better than drunk Tara? Yes! Drunk Tara dressed as Mary Poppins at a German Halloween party. You can't make this shit up!

6/11/2011 10:30:22 am

Oh dear , this is funny and heartbreaking. Thank goodness for that champagne. Pulling him away into another room reminds me of a New years eve some years ago, you's shaird together.lol. Sounds like claudia had a tone of fun :) .

Anna aka halloween host
7/11/2011 05:10:22 am

well, you could at least have mentioned that i was all green and bump, and my dear fellow host had a green....
hope you have the best of fun in kopenhagen. try all the hot dogs if you liked the ikea crap you will find bliss on every second corner in denmark.
go to have a look at illums for me, will you ?


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