This is the way our living room looked the day we got the keys to our apartment. This is the after:
By positioning the sofa this way, we've created a little mini living room, which leaves the rest of the room wide open. I don't like it. I miss my decorating partners in crime, and I'm hoping they'll chime in with ideas for the second part of the living room. Please send me your pins, words, anything. I need some inspiration!
25/6/2012 03:06:29 am

I love what you've done!! Looks perfect just the way it is :)

25/6/2012 09:35:58 am

You are one talented Lady my friend. Looks amazing! Xo

25/6/2012 10:43:15 am

I know I'm not being helpful by saying this but I think it looks great, you don't need to change it at all. It's nice having the mini living room, and the kids can make a mess in the open part and you're not forced to see it. You've made the best of what looks like a long room. Better to have the couch facing the window than facing the wall.

25/6/2012 09:06:48 pm

I agree with Kate - the only thing you might consider is a table and chairs (are they in your kitchen?) and then put a rocking chair or comfy chair in the kitchen...

26/6/2012 05:15:42 am

I also think it is perfect the way you have made a cosy, intimate sitting area facing the window and then a space for the girls to do their crafts. When the sofa is make into a bed, it is great looking outside in the morning -even at the ungodly hour of 5:00 am.

26/6/2012 08:20:04 pm

Did Aaron put you all up to this, in an effort to curb spending?
Thanks for the nice words - I'll leave it be. I don't have magazine publishers stopping by, and the kids do successfully make it a mess. So all will work out.
Paula - I love love the idea of a little love seat in the kitchen, and a low table to lounge at. We also have a round table and chairs in the living room for the girls to do their crafts at.
Oh Donna, I do feel bad for your wake up calls. Will it make you jealous to know that the girls slept in past 8 every morning that Vince & Kim were here? Your comment made me laugh out loud.

26/6/2012 10:50:53 pm

I feel left out and needed to comment. The room does look nice and cozy. Great work Plumley.

27/6/2012 03:49:02 am

Thanks Sarah!


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