The Girls and I are back home for a few weeks, visiting family and friends. On this sunny afternoon, there was no warmer place to be than in the company of The Babcia. She loaded the girls up with cookies, chocolate and Polish donuts. We sat outside and made phone calls to Germany to say hi to Daddy. We're now sitting on the couch, watching The Sound of Music and eating homemade ice cream. It feels good to be home.
A note about the wooden egg. When my Dzia Dzia would get a hole in his socks, they weren't replaced, they were mended. A neighbour of Babcia's carved this egg to place inside socks, where they were then darned. I  have always appreciated that resourcefulness, even if I find it hard to follow. I will bring the wooden egg back to Germany and remember to try as best as I can to "mend and make do". 

14/3/2012 11:35:37 pm

So nice to have you home! .. cant wait to hang out and see you and the girls.

Oh and good luck on the sock mending.

15/3/2012 09:04:18 pm

You are going to have a LOT of mending to do. At this point, I think Aaron is known more for his grody socks than his math. Glad to hear it was a pleasant afternoon with The Babcia.


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