If you've ever been worried about letting your kids see you upset, lest you traumatize them by exposing them to the woes of adulthood, let me assure you - they'll be fine.

Eloise: Mommy, are you sad?

Me: A little bit honey, but I'm okay.

Eloise: Is it because the bell on your bike doesn't make a pretty sound? 

Now I have TWO things to cry about. Stupid ancient bicycle bell. Not even a three year old finds you charming. And as for the first thing I was crying about, let's just say I stubbed my toe. It hurts like hell.
31/7/2012 12:40:50 am

I forgot to say this the last time I saw it - I LOVE Ellie's crocheted vest, where'd you get it?

31/7/2012 12:43:20 am

H&M. I think it was 2 euros. Want one for Charlotte?

31/7/2012 04:52:42 am

yes please Auntie!

31/7/2012 06:22:21 am

What a little sweatheart Ellie is!!

31/7/2012 06:39:49 am

You know that boy that owns that store on Cannon St. that you met through Monica and he drove past the house last time you were here and said "oh wow, I know your dog? but didn't know you lived here?" (Which makes him one of 1,000 people because everyone takes the time to know the dog but not us) Well anyway, now that he knows that I know that you know that Monica knows - plus the dog - that we're all one big happy family, he rings his bicycle bell every night when he rides by. Cute sound. Maybe you should ask him where he bought it.

9/8/2012 09:52:30 am

:( ......... Hope that "toe" ?? ...... Has gotten better !! maybe you can buy bike upgrades in Canada ... Count down till home.


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