Germany has strict laws in place prohibiting retail stores from operating on Sunday.  It's an effort to "synchronize society" and keep the traditional day of rest in place.  I love the values behind it, and see no fault in limiting consumerism to 6 days a week.  It helps protect families by ensuring that they are, by law, given at least one day to spend with each other.  But heaven help you if you run out of milk.  Gas Station Milk does nothing for the soul.

In Münster, Saturday is market day, and all good wives and mothers are out buying goods for the next day's hot meal.  There is also a drop in centre right outside the market for children so the parents can shop in peace for up to three hours.  It really is peaceful.  

I had some German recipes translated and hit the market with my list.  On that list was savoy cabbage.  Soon after coming home, the girls decided that we should take some cabbage and carrots to the bunny patch the next day and give those little guys a treat.

So today, Sunday, with nothing else to do but go out in the pouring rain (have I mentioned how much it rains in Münster before?) we went and fed the bunnies.  We crawled through the low shrubbery that the bunnies hide out in and scattered the leaves and carrots and we waited.  And waited.  No bunnies came but it was so nice to just have the girls sit still under the canopy of a shrub and listen to the rain all around us.

On our way home we stopped in at the chocolate cafe to warm up with hot chocolate and croissants.  It was nice.  Perhaps I've been too hard on German Sundays?  With a little bit of imagination, we had a perfect day of rest.
Her outdoor gear.
In the shrub.
The best croissants in the city. They sell out every day. We felt lucky.
As Claudia said "This was the best crappiest day ever!"
22/1/2012 04:06:52 am

I find most kid are happy as long as they have a pair of binoculars hanging around their neck. Milk is overrated, anyway. I give my kids beer on Sundays.

22/1/2012 04:30:46 am

It's good to drink in moderation!

22/1/2012 05:21:36 am

sounds like a perfect day. I miss you girls!

what did you end up making for dinner?

22/1/2012 08:51:10 pm

Sounds like you did have a very very wounderful Sunday. LOL Im glad Claudia had the best crappy day ever ...oh how I love her. It did sound like a really great day yesterday:) ... Imbrassing the rain and all. Our day was also ever nice.

22/1/2012 08:54:39 pm

P.s Love the pictures. The first one of Claudia, she is just a vision of cuteness. Both girls waiting for those bunnies awwww. The snack looks so tasty. Missing yous. xo

22/1/2012 11:11:13 pm

Oh it looks like I missed a fun crappy day. The girls look very cute but at the same time, grown-up. Especially Claudia holding the book, (is it a birdwatching guide?) decked out in her gear. Way to embrace the day, and to make me really wish that I was there for it.

23/1/2012 09:43:04 pm

I would really like a day like this with you and the girls .... Sounds perfect!


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