I can see no reasonable excuse to keep a pound of fudge around the house. Torturous and tempting, you know you shouldn't eat it. But those sprinkles, they're so cute. How can sprinkles be bad for you? It turns out they can't be. Scientific fact. I should know 'cause my husband is a doctor. And he ate the whole damn thing. 

If you dare, click right here.
19/10/2012 02:37:14 am

It's a good thing he's not a real doctor, I would imagine many of his patients would die of heart attacks and Type II diabetes if they followed his diet. Sprinkle doctor should stick to math. Did he really not share with his girls?

19/10/2012 03:00:41 am

I watched the most horrible cartoon today about fat polar bears and the dad gets diabetes and can't get an erection and loses his left foot. At the end they all dump their sodas into the ocean. I should show it to Aaron.
The girls were more into the sprinkles than the fudge.

19/10/2012 03:43:59 am

Dr. Math, Science, History, Unraveling The Mysteries, It All Started With a Big Bang would probably say he's not a polar bear and ask for more.

19/10/2012 04:16:03 am

You're a nerd. You know this, right?


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