I'm hoping that posting a lot of pictures all at once will make up for the fact that I've had no inclination to attend to this blog of mine.  This spring chicken is in a funk.  Funk, funk, fuck, funk.  I hid a secret message.  I'm clever that way.
I felt a certain affinity with this bird.  He kind of has this WTF look about him, that I've also been sporting lately.  
Castle & Woods.  
I decided to go the ambitious route for Easter eggs this year.  The girls and I went to the market to pick up ingredients to make natural dyes.  Our home smelled of cabbage and beets.  If you ask Aaron, this is not a good thing.  
My favourite was the cabbage.  I was not expecting that kind of blue.
Claudia went to school on her birthday with carrot cake for the class.  They lit birthday candles for her and sang her happy birthday "in two languages!".  But the best was seeing her face when Granddad and Grandma came and picked her up after school.  I think Peter may have had his breathing compromised from the ferocious bear hug he received.  It was a really great visit, and so much fun to show them around Münster at this time of year.  I think the girls loved their two worlds colliding.  I liked having a spotless kitchen for five days.  Thanks Donna!  xoxo
25/4/2012 10:55:47 am

Finally, a new post! I was about to ditch you completely for my other favourite blog. She posts daily, you should try it. I'll always be keen on reading your daily ramblings. On a side note, your orange tree is still alive, great work.

25/4/2012 11:22:41 am

Found your secret message.

I was leaving Su's yesterday and saw something orange curled up snoozing on a lawn on my way out. I said to myself, what an unusual color for a dog. Then the "dog" looked up at me. It was a fox. Gave me the same look the bird gave you. Seeing how he was all of ten feet away from me, I chose to book it before he figured out WTF.

Nice eggs.

Ellie's look reminds me of Damien in The Omen - just before the church steeple falls over and pins the priest to the ground.

26/4/2012 03:01:41 am

So happy that you have new posts.. they really do entertain me while at work. I look forward to them.

Get that WTF look of your face would you.. it could stay that way. :)

Tasha and Family
26/4/2012 05:59:49 am

:( fucking funks suck sorry to hear Tara. Note: I got your serect message too. Amazing picture of the bird right time, right place to beable to put your momment into another. I do that at time's. The castle and woods picture looks like you took it right out of a book . VERY SWEET picture of the girls. For all those momments of not so nice sister fighting.... to those few momments when you can look at them and go wow you's have the deepest of sister love and care for each other . It's nice made me smile ! Great Job on the eggs they are pretty your so DIY !!!!! It must have been so nice to finally get a visit. That is super special how nice Donna and Peter made it out there for Claudia's birthday. :) I gotta go and this is probly as far as I wil be able to read but I really do like it. Take care Tara send my love to the girls and Hello to Aaron from all of us.

26/4/2012 06:02:03 am

btw sorry for all the shitty spelling mistakes kinda fast typing with William on my lap .... so ya it's bad but meh I finally got a minute to read and write ... xoxo


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