God bless Kindergarten and sunshine. We're being deprived of both at the moment, and we're scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to do at home. Luckily, Claudia uttered the magic word - forts - and an afternoon was made.
This is actually an ice cave, with ice crystals hidden in nooks and crannies. Because we're super duper parents and inspire the girls with National Geographic articles. Speaking of scraping the bottom of the barrel, can you tell I'm doing the same with this blog? I need to get outside.
17/7/2012 09:48:13 pm

I would love a rainy day so we could stay in and build a fort. I feel the mother guilt to always be outside in the summer. It's exhausting.
I've never thought to use clothespins...genius!

18/7/2012 11:03:10 pm

Aaron started using clothespins to build forts and I gave him grief about losing the integrity of the fort. But now I'm a convert. Less trips to help reassemble blankets are worth it!


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