On New Year's Day, we had nothing better to do with our time but go for a walk. Germans are pyromaniacs, and the firework displays the night before ensured that there would be lots of rubble left around our neighbourhood to rummage through. We decided to collect Champagne corks. The girls raced around, trying to outnumber their sister and we were left with buckets of the things. Time for a craft.

These keychains are touted as DIY gifts for the boat enthusiast on your list, because if they drop their keys in the water, they'll float. If you have such a person in your life, go you. Otherwise, just consider them cute, personalized and an inexpensive way to let someone know you think they're great.

You will need:
A cork
Acrylic paint
This do-hickey that you can find at any key cutting place. They're about a dime a dozen. Figuratively speaking.
I started by having the girls paint them a fleshy colour all over, let that dry, did the hair, and then the clothing. I was in charge of the accessories and facial expressions.
et Voila! A keychain to call your own. Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, we did them all. And because I really am the worst, you'll probably never get them, because I'll probably never mail them. It's the thought that counts though, right?
29/1/2013 07:51:29 pm

Very cute. Could you save some for when I come out?

30/1/2013 05:14:32 am

They're beautiful!! Can't wait to get one!!

Auntie Christine
30/1/2013 09:01:15 am

way to go Tara (and girls)! they're AWESOME. feel free to pass mine on to my Mom when she visits ;)


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