Thanks to Grandma and Granddad, the whole female side of the family was able to make it over to Germany in time for Aaron's 30th Birthday. The days were filled to the brim with the stuff memories are made of. Claudia and Eloise have a new favourite person in their niece Charlotte, and it was nice for siblings to be together again. Donna and I made a habit out of grocery shopping together, and I didn't touch a dirty dish once this week. Donna brought her own supplies to attend to said task, which brought up a whole sponge vs dishcloth debate. We all ate too much, drank too much, and wished for more time to do it all in. 
Bright eyes.
Aaron's little sister Katrina. On a boat.
Parkin it with Grandma.
Christine and Katrina in Enschede.
We love the Netherlands! We even played good samaritan by helping a woman look for her lost wedding ring, which was discovered half an hour later at the bottom of her boot.
Super duper snuggle fest. Every day, all day. xoxo
11/6/2012 08:46:39 am

Charlotte's super cranky today and I know it's because she misses her cousins and Auntie and Uncle. People - you need to visit Munster, it's crazy gorgeous and I can recommend a great place to stay ;)

11/6/2012 08:36:01 pm

Thanks Aaron and Tara, for sharing your place with us and giving us a memorable week. I love Munster and Germany!!!!

11/6/2012 08:46:59 pm

Come back anytime - it's can be your 2nd (or 3rd rather) home!


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